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Company profile

CHU LUN MACHINERY CO., Ltd. was founded by two brothers Mr. Hsu Chui Chi and Mr. Hsu Chui lin in 1975, initially dealt with manufacturing and sale of printing machinery, later on in 1980, on account of the greatest interest in studying automating machinery, they shifted to exclusively manufacturing of wire cutting machine and crimping machine. For more than 20 years, Chu Lun cherishing 70 more technical labor seasoned labor force, has been working with undaunted elaboration to make the better products for the benefit of end users. Now the company has entered computerization era in which all research and development works, personnel management, financial control. Material control and order handing are under integrated computer operation.

It is highly appreciative that Chu Lun Produces have gained great publicity in the past two decade. For the betterment of machinery quality, Chu Lun has installed TOSHIBA brand “Digitized Control Precision Machine Center” worth NT$120 million in Sanchong Plant for Processing parts, components and machine body in an effort to enhance the product quality with more precisely accuracy.

In resent year, Chu Lun has restlessly devoted to the introduction of various models of coat-effective automatic products with an aim to help and users in promoting high productivity, low cost and sharp competitive edge. It is also company’s goal in some day later, our wire cutting machine and crimping machine will be come grade products.

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