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Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

product description

Product details


Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Product Name

Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine (Twin Head)

Product Features

This is a full automatic machine specially developed for cutting wire to constant length, stripping both ends crimping terminal on both ends of wire at high speed.

By mounting the control box on the main body, compact appearance has been realized.

High efficiency design made capable of cutting one piece per 0.85 sec (cut length, 350 mm or less).

Various Detectors Equipped as Standard: Detectors of electric wire overload, wire load, manual handle, air presser low, crimp miss, draw tension, strip miss (auto-stop), reel stand applicable to side and feed terminal out of terminal (end, side), terminal load (both end and side type), terminal overload (both end and side type).

The wire length, quantity and number of lots can be set, and cut deep and strip length can be adjusted on the main control panel, thus considerably shortened the adjustment cycle time. Also, the time-start function may further increase production efficiency.

Product Specification

Power supply AC 220 / 380V 50 / 60 HZ 3 phases 15A
Wire size AWG# 16~26(Standard)
Crimping force 1.2 / 2.5 Ton
Cutting length 75~9,999 mm(Standard)
Cutting accuracy Variation within 1mm plus 0.5 %
Stripping length NO.1、NO.2 Crimping side 0~10 mm
Operation method Manual, single cycle and auto(Continuous)
Dimensions 2,680 L×1,230 W×1,540 H mm
Weight Approx. 1,000 Kgs

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