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Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

product description

Product details


Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Product Name

Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Soldering Machine

Product Features

Variable stripping lengths: Touch screen operations display. The wire strip length can be adjusted on the main control panel.

The wire length quantity and number of lots can be set, and cut depth and strip length can be adjusted with 8 axle center.

Touch screen Electro-controlled adjustment of crimping positions is easy and handy.

Fast manual tension adjustment with micro knob (in cells of 0.02 mm) without any tool.

Operating method: Manual, single cycle and Auto (Continuous).

Applicable wires: AWG# 24~32.

Wire twist is made possible by 3 rotary claws driven by motors. Adjustable rotation speeds help change tension of the twisted wires and keep them straight and neat.

The quasi-90° tin dipping angle of the machine provides even tin dipping to the wire (in precise dipping depths).

This machine comes with a micro knob for fast adjustment of tin dipping depth by lifting the tin cup up for precise dipping depths.

With the wire holding position and the tin-dipping tip adjustable to 5 mm, this machine keeps the tin dipping end of the wire from curving, assuring precise dipping positions.

When dipping tin, the tin cup in this machine raises automatically. An automatic wiper is provided to remove tin chips from tin bath.

The design has the wire feeder pipe to go forward again only then goes feed wire the function, the going feed wire is stable.

Product Specification

Power supply AC 220 / 380V 50 / 60 HZ 3 phases
Wire size AWG# 24~32(Standard)
Air pressure 5~6 kg/cm2 G
Crimping force 1.8 Ton(Servo Motor Semi-Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine)
Speed 3000 pcs-hr(300 mm)
Cutting length PVC length 38~9,999 mm(Standard)
Cutting accuracy Variation within 1 mm plus 0.2 %
Stripping length NO.1、NO.2 Stripping side 0~4 mm
Stripping deep 100 action 2 mm(1 action=0.02 mm)
Capacity Cutting wire, stripping on one end, stripping both ends, half-stripping on one end, half-stripping both ends, crimping on one end, crimping both ends, twister on one end (optional equipments twister)
Detectors equipped Wire overload, wire load, terminal overload, terminal load, strip miss, crimp miss, air presser low, wire joint.
Dimensions 1,640 L×1,400 W×1,900 H mm
Weight Approx. 630 Kgs

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